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Amanda Haunting Rachel novels

Amanda Haunting Rachel novels

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Amanda/Haunting Rachel: Two Novels In One Volume by Kay Hooper

 Amanda A spellbinding tale of contemporary suspense that begins with a mysterious homecoming and ends in a shattering explosion of passion, greed, and murder. And all because a stranger says her name is... Amanda. Others have claimed to be Amanda Daulton, but now a beautiful, self-assured woman has stepped out of the shadows of the past, insisting she s the missing heiress to a multimillion-dollar fortune. One look is all it takes to assure the family patriarch that she s his beloved granddaughter. But others at the magnificent Southern mansion called Glory are not as easily convinced, others with much to lose from her sudden reappearance. Soon suspicion erupts in a chilling attempt on her life, and after the traumatic ordeal, she begins to have flashes of a nightmarish vision. What, if anything, happened twenty years ago to drive a mother and her nine-year-old daughter away from their privileged life? The struggle to find the elusive answer exposes a frightening trail of secrets--a trail that leads shockingly to the present and to the enigmatic woman who calls herself... Amanda. Haunting Rachel Danger wears many faces.... Ten years ago Rachel Grant s fiancé, Thomas, disappeared. His body was never found. Now there s a stranger in town, a man who could be Thomas s twin--or his ghost. His name is Adam Delafield. He s been watching Rachel for days. He has the locket she gave Thomas before he vanished. And he says he owed her father three million dollars. But there s no record of the loan--or a shred of proof that Adam is who he claims to be. And he s always nearby as accidents begin to threaten Rachel s life. Is he an innocent man who only wants to repay a debt? Or a figure from the past with a score to settle? Rachel must expose lies and unravel stories, find out who wants her dead and why...before the next attempt to kill her succeeds.

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Kay Hooper, who has more than six million copies of her books in print worldwide, has won numerous awards and high praise for her novels. Kay lives in rth Carolina, where she is currently working on her next novel.


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