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Pirani & Other Short Stories by Jamal Abro

Pirani & Other Short Stories by Jamal Abro

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 Pirani & Other Short Stories is an English translation of Jamal Abro’s collection of short stories published originally  in the Sindhi language. Abro is considered to be amongst the best writers in Sindhi. The book comprises sixteen short stories that capture the essence of the land and the people of rural Sindh. Pirani & Other Short Stories arrests the reader’s interest with its diversity, specific characteristics, and penetrating depiction of Sindh’s social order. These classic short stories are accompanied by an informative introduction exploring the background of the  stories and appreciating the significance of the finer points of the plot and the rendition. The work also includes two enlightening profiles of the author. The translation remains faithful to the style and mode of the original Sindhi text and adds to the authenticity of the narrative. This book certainly fills a gap in the dearth of accessible Sindhi literature available to the English readership.

 ‘I don’t know who made the distinction that poetry dances while prose walks. While reading Pirani, I felt that even prose can dance.’

 – Shaikh Ayaz


 ‘Jamal [Abro] was a legend in his lifetime. He will remain a legend. His writings are the vowels of contemporary Sindhi literature. His brilliant mastery of the short story writing is simple, moving, and long lasting. He opened up new and vast perspectives; writing classics that demand constant re-reading.’


– Hamid Akhund



Jamal Abro was born in May 1924 at Sangi, a small village in Mehar Taluka, Sindh, Pakistan. He completed his matriculation from Bombay University (1941) and studied at the Bahauddin College in Junagadh, Gujarat. He graduated with a degree in law from Shahani Law College, Larkana (1948) and began his career as a lawyer. Abro entered public service in 1952 and was posted as a sub-judge in a number of areas in Sindh. In the latter part of his career, he served as a judge in the labour court and as secretary to the Provincial Assembly of Sindh. Meanwhile, he wrote actively with the Sindhi Adabi Sangat. Later in his career, he ranked among the pioneers of the Sindhi short story and his collection, Pishoo Pasha, had set a new trend in Sindhi literature. As a prolific writer, he has also published a five-volume autobiography. The author also wrote articles on social issues, particularly on karo-kari. Jamal Abro died on 30 June 2004 at the age of 80.


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